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  • Ningbo Green Light Energy Technology Co., Ltd
    With the help of the industryMore than 10 years of deep farming experience and professional team at home and abroad,

    We will deepen our efforts in the field of green energy, promote low-carbon emission reduction, and achieve green development.

    At present, more than ten new energy power stations have been developed, invested and constructed in China Provinces and Pakistan, Bangladesh, India five overseas countries.
    and construction
  • Excellent engineering construction
    And management level


    More than ten years of construction and management experience, From foreign projects to domestic construction Distributed and centralized underside power station The project temper, with the spirit of the craftsman Create high-quality projects.
  • Efficient asset management
    Management operation


    Have a professional asset operation management department And decisive decision making and execution, Increase the efficiency of asset handling and operation Value has a wealth of experience, and relative Stable cooperation channels.
  • Rich project
    Development experience


    Have their own experienced sales open Hair team, business ups and downs over the years, have With a keen sense of market and project open Send the manager.
  • High quality operation and maintenance service


    Mature operation and maintenance center, with industry Senior operation and maintenance management team, good at The organization takes care of every part, Du Absolutely every accident that can cause loss Take place.
  • Ningbo Green Light Energy Technology Co., Ltd
    Ningbo Green Light Energy Technology Co., Ltd

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